Ikea Hacks

D.I.Y Ikea hacks with Ikea as basis

*Try to click on the picture or text for a fitting 123kea item, otherwise you have to get started yourself!*

Lovely makeover for your Ikea Ivar!

ikea hack ivar 123kea

*Make yourself a wonderfull bed with a lot of storage, with these Ikea Billy shelf units*

*Create a lovely home for your sweet animals, with a little bit of style*

*Does your Ikea Kallax need a make-over? Click on the picutre for a lot of ideas!*

*Lovely transformation of the Ikea Duktig with a new color, buttons and a Kitchenwalls wallpaper*

*With a few Ikea Stuva closet as basis, you can make yourself a fantastic bunk bed!*

*Great make-over of the Ikea Vittsjo closet*

*From super simple Ikea Rast drawer to a much cooler edition. Click on the picture to see how*

*Beautiful painted Ikea Ivat closets, almost art!*

*Even though this is not a real Ikea Hack, this is still a great remake of the Ikea Malm drawer*

*A Ikea Benjamin stool, sticked on with nice wallpaper*

*Great effect with a few Ikea Lack planks and tape in different widhts and colors*

*The white Plant standard PS2014 will become so much better with a few wouden serving trays! Click here for the description*

*Fantastic little light with a loose frame, some cord and an Ikea Ekby Valter Plankholder!*

*Wow, this is what you call a real Ikea Hack! Made from a simple Tarva closet and some paint. Click here for the tutorial*

*Make a beautiful little house with the high sleeper Kura*

*A few Ikea kitchen wall units, wooden sheet and leather handles, et voila, a new design dressoir!*

*Build your own little house for your loved malm bed*

*Increased floor with the Ikea malm drawers. Put on a matras and you have a new bed*

*A whole day of placing wooden pieces on your Ikea Malm bed for a trendy new look*

*Besta closets in diverse depths and painted in darkblue, really nice*

*Paint a few doors of the Ivar closet for a much better look*

*The Hektar Lamp, Ikea PS 2012 chair, Ung Drill Mirrol are already black, so give the rest a paint yourself!*

*A few Ikea Besta low closets, with pillows on it and done is your couch*

*make a Grey paint and a wouden top on this PS locker*

*Awesome Ikeahack with the two Open Besta closets, Here is how you make it*

*Fantastic Increased Childbed with the Ikea Stolmen drawer*

*Put all your magazines behind this stylistic Ikea Grundtal kitchen rack*

*Use the climber pant rack Barso to show all your pretty stuff, nice!*

*Paint your the doors of the PS lockers in diverse colors*

*Ikea Malm Night closets for a whole new design*

*Mini garden with the kitchen accessory Grundtal*

*A spray can gold makes your simple Dalfred stool a real luxury*

*Small room? Much fun with a few Ekby and Jarpen planks*

*High sleeper of Ikea Malm Drawers*

*Make your Ikea PS Locker Uniqe with numbers*

*Awesome Expedit / Kallax Hack with a few doors*

*Bar dressoir of the long Kallax*

*Fantastic Ikea Hack with Besta closets*

*Three layers felt and you have an uniqe Frosta stool*

*Do you reckognize All Ikea items in this new cool closet*

*Nice idea for outside kitchen*



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